Rovio Makes Announcement on Angry Birds Space

Rovio, in coordination with NASA, has made an announcement about the availability of Angry Birds Space, the latest in the Angry Birds franchise.  They have posted a video of the announcement and a bit of the gameplay on they website at:

The anouncement starts with NASA Astronaut Don Petitit, and current International Space Station Resident, in a old school style announcement clip with cutesy graphics being added to his announcement.   His demonstrates some of the physics involved in the game inside the space station using a balloon as the pig, a red bird from Angry Birds, and some real eggs, adding “don’t ask me how I got the eggs on the Space Station”.

The game play is shown with some of the new graphics showing a whole slew of new puzzles and physics issues for people to solve with the game release of Angry Birds coming March 22nd.

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