SoundSmith for the Apple IIgs Available Online

The Creator of the Apple IIgs program SoundSmith and the Apple IIgs game LaserForce, Huibert Aalbers has added his Apple IIgs based programs to his website.  SoundSmith was one of the premier music programs of the Apple IIgs years and allowed game music to be written quickly and eloquently.

inspired by what he had heard on an Amiga system of the time and knowing the capabilities of the Apple IIgs, the non-musician Huibert set out to write a program that was a slick and easy to use program that performed well.  On his website, Huibert says “Music was not really something I was really interested in but I had to learn quickly in order to write the player. You have no idea how many times I had to listen to distorted versions of Cambodia before it finally played back correctly

Huibert has graciously made available all of the original program and documentation on his website for free, easy download.  The program itself is available in 2mg and shk formats.  You can download the program from the website at:

His Apple IIgs page also contains the original LaserForce as well as his 100,000 copy selling Jigsaw! Game which was published by Britannica. You can download these treasures for free and find more information about went into them here:

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