Ciderpress 4.0.4 Released

Just in time for the Summer Kansasfest crowd, Andy Mcfadden has announced an update to his Apple II file transfer utility, Ciderpress. Version 4.0.4 includes a host of changes including the following:

  • [app] Fixed limitation that prevented files larger than 16MB from being added to HFS volumes.
  • [app] Fixed range check on volume number in 2IMG properties editor.
  • [diskimg] Fixed a bug that caused assertion failures on ProDOS disks with short volume directories.
  • [reformat] Fixed an incorrect Apple /// BASIC token.
  • [reformat] Fixed reporting of OMF segment version numbers.

The Ciderpress Apple II file utility program is a well developed package which has been in the Apple II realm since its 2003 introduction. Support is offered for a large variety of disk formats, as well as many different Apple II operating systems. Some of the key features of the program include:

Ciderpress is a free download, with complete documentation, source code, and how to use tutorials which can be acquired at:

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