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Dapplegrey is a front end to DOSBox. It is a way to maintain quick access to the features and programs stored within DOSBox. Minimum requirements are OS X 10.3 and a PPC Mac.

Access to programs is quite simple. It is a matter of  going to the “Games List” tab and double-clicking on the desired program. The assumption is people running DOSBox are running old DOS (PC) games. In my case this is true. I do everything else in OS X and Linux.

One claim is there is no need to go into DOSBox to install and run games. Reading the help file from DOSBox shows many of the details can be handled via parameters passed to the program when it is started. In reality, some games have a separate install and configuration program. I found for these games it is best to go into DOSBox directly and perform these tasks manually. This makes adding games to the list much easier since everything is already installed.

Adding programs is done through the “Add” button. The user simply sets up the environment they want to use and they are ready to go.

One problem I found is on the machine I use, DOSBox has trouble entering full screen mode. It has to be restarted several times before it takes.

Other than that, I find Dapplegrey to be worth a look. Their web page can be accessed from the DOSBox page or via the following link…


Update: June 27, 2011

After having some hardware problems I rearranged some of the computers. I put the Mac Mini where I was running DOSBox on a separate keyboard and monitor. It was previously connected to a KVM switch. All the problems about going into full screen mode disappeared. Apparently some machines handle KVM switches better than others…

It turns out Dapplegrey is a fairly good game launcher when things are working properly. I found there was more capability by launching DOSBox directly but it is an effort to set up the configuration file to meet my needs (eg. reporting a GB of free space and 512 MB of RAM). Dapplegrey will not allow large values in certain situations but will accommodate them in others. It is also a lot easier to set up “common” values.

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