Apple II Desktop Version 1.3 alpha 2 Released

Joshua Bell has released an update to the Apple II Desktop Version 1.3. The second alpha release of the App includes the following changes:


  • Updated clock driver installer that avoids hanging if a Z80 card is present.
  • Updated clock driver installer that shows current date if clock is present.
  • Button appearance simplified. Showing shortcuts can be enabled with an option.


  • Ensure DeskTop is correctly detected on RAMCard when re-launched.
  • Allow pressing Escape to cancel copy to RAMCard.
  • Handle launching with PREFIX not set to DeskTop’s directory.


  • Ensure newly created SELECTOR.LIST file is completely empty.
  • Draw header before entries when refreshing window contents.
  • Update header values only when window is activated to avoid visual artifacts.
  • Show file sizes right aligned in list views.
  • Show NON, ANM, S16, and SND type names in list views.
  • View > by Type sort order improved.
  • View > by Size sort order improved.
  • Selection preserved across view type changes.
  • Selection preserved when renaming in a View > by Name window.
  • Simplify New Folder dialog by not showing full path. (#466)
  • Improve double-click responsiveness when updating icons.
  • Fix numerous crashes with long pathnames.
  • Fix crash in File > Get Info is target is not available.


  • Allow pressing Escape to cancel copy to RAMCard.

Desk Accessories

  • International: Force full repaint if settings change, to avoid list view artifacts.
  • Options
    • Add option to show shortcuts in dialogs.
    • Add keyboard shortcuts for checkboxes.

Apple II Desktop is available in eight different languages including: English, Danish, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and Swedish. and is available on either 140K or 800K Floppy disk images. You can download the latest version of the Apple II Desktop in your chosen language from the A@ple II Desktop Github Release Page at:

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