Applesauce FDC Client Software Updated

The Applesauce Floppy Disk Controller Client Software has been updated. The latest update includes a number of important bug fixes including the following items:

  • When the Fast Imager was performing Retry Bad on disk formats that require double captures (due to poor checksum algorithms), it could sometimes visually revert a partially good sector capture to a bad one. Internally it still has the good sector data and will save it, but visually it was confusedly showing the wrong state. Fixed.
  • When imaging some IBM sector formats, the Fast Imager could sometimes not see a change in sector geometry if the encoding type (FM/MFM) also didn’t change. Fixed.
  • The Analog Test could crash under rare circumstances, fixed. The noise portion of the test has been tweaked a bit to now show a “theoretical max” line. This is basically the maximum number of bit cells that could fit on a track. You want your results to be as far a possible below that line.
  • Fixed an issue with the Diagnostics Speed Test hanging in the rare case of receiving an error from the drive.
  • Improved detection of early FAT file system disks.
  • Improved geometry detection when analyzing some file systems.
  • Fixed potential crash when processing HDOS (Heathkit) file system.

Client Release 1.82 –

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