Kent’s Emulated GS (KEGS) Updated

Kent Dickey has announced the release of the latest version of Kent’s Emulated GS (KEGS). KEGS version 1.11 for Mac and Linux include a host of updates and new features including the following:

  • KEGS should support many international keyboards, converting your local keys to the US equivalents: [,],|, etc. Italian works least well, sorry.
  • KEGS can choose character ROMs out of a ROMX-compatible file. Use F4, “Character ROM Selection”, and then pick the file and font. If you pick an unreadable font and cannot undo it for some reason, quit KEGS, and using a text edit, delete g_cfg_charrom_* lines from config.kegs.
  • Taking an IRQ logs the stack accesses in the datalog properly.
  • Fixed BRK and COP exceptions to always pull their vectors from ROM.
    Bug was found by Applecorn:

The latest Mac based version requires Mac OS 10.13 and newer and emulates an Apple IIgs accurately on most Linux systems.

You can download the latest version for the Sourceforge site at:

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