GS.Adventure — An Atari 2600 Adventure port for the Apple IIgs

Main screen of the GS.Adventure game

Most of us who grew up in the age of the early video games and especially the Atari 2600 console likely played Adventure as one of the first games on the console. The game used rather simplistic graphics but was a challenge until one figured out the patterns of the game.

Now, Peter Hirschberg has given Apple IIgs users something to cheer for. GS.Adventure. This game contains all of the elements of the original Atari 2600 version but is 100% percent for the Apple IIgs.

Users can control the game with the Joystick or the Keyboard and unlike most games these days, it uses the traditional Apple II Keyboard controls of WASD and SPACE. You can toggle between Keyboard and Joystick with the J key.

Other controls include the following:

  • ‘1’ – Respawn/Reset/Start Game
  • ‘2’ – Select Game

The current version 1.7 of GS.Adventure is now available and the entire game with full source code is available from the GS.Adventure Github page at:

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