Applewin Apple II Emulator Updated

The latest version of the Applewin Apple II Emulator for Microsoft Windows has been released. Tom Charlesworth announced the released of Applewin Version 1.30.12 with the following changes to the emulator:

  • [Bug #1128] Increase paddle maximum offset – fixes ‘Learning with Leepers’.
  • [Bug #1127] Debugger – fix memory search command.
  • [Bug #1126] Fix rare crash bug (when unprotected WOZ in drive).
  • [Bug #1125] Improve WOZ support – fixes ‘Accolade Comics’.
  • [Bug #1121] Fix for aspect ratio in full-screen –
  • Now revert to uniformly scaling in both x & y directions unless user specifies resolution.
  • NB. Regression at “” when adding VidHD support.
  • [Bug #1119] Fix render issue in ‘Color (PAL Monitor)’ video mode.
  • [Bug #1022] WOZ support- Better cross-track positioning – fixes ‘Balance of Power’.
  • Fix for loading old save-states with Phasor card (bumps MB version in save-state to v9).
  • NB. Regression at “” when fixed Phasor to “use correct primary AY8913”.
  • Change- Command line- support ‘-s2 ssc’.]

The latest version of the Applewin App and Source is available for free download from the Applewin Github page at:

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