Clock Signal Emulator Updated

Tom Harte has updated his multiple platform emulator for MAC OS X. This emulator has the capability of running OSes from multiple Apple platforms as well as many other retro computing systems. This release of the Clock Signal emulator applies some fixes to the Qt version of this emulator. SDL and native Mac versions are not altered in any way.


  • a potential crash when using machines with indicator lights (e.g. drive access lights) has been corrected;
  • additional feedback is provided when importing ROMs and when trying to launch a file from the command line if it doesn’t exist (and, in the latter case, a split-dispay GUI showing machine selection controls and boilerplate ROM request text will no longer be presented); and
  • a flaw in output timing has been addressed that seeks to resolve cases of the emulated machine’s display not being updated.

Clock Signal is an emulator which aims to be 100% clock accurate for all platforms it emulates. Currently, the Clock Signal Emulator currently contains emulations of the following systems:

  • Acorn Electron;
  • Amstrad CPC;
  • Apple II/II+ and IIe;
  • Atari 2600;
  • ColecoVision;
  • Commodore Vic-20 (and Commodore 1540/1);
  • Macintosh 512ke and Plus;
  • MSX 1;
  • Oric 1/Atmos;
  • Sega Master System; and
  • Sinclair ZX80/81.

In addition to the above platforms, Clock Signal emulation of the Atari ST computer is still experimental.

For more information or to download the latest release of the Clock Signal emulator, check out their Github page at:

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