Magic-Pixels 2.6 Adds Lightning Speed, Tracing, and Advanced Rewind Capabilities

The CrowCousins have released a new version of Magic-Pixels, their double lo-res painting program for enhanced Apple //e, //c, and IIgs models and it’s a big one.

Version 2. 6 includes a number of notable features including:

– An all-assembly, major UI overall that is wicked fast at 1 Mhz

– You can now import .DBL files, and trace/draw on top on them, only capturing the drawing actions performed in a saved drawing file. You can also export the updated bitmap back out to a bitmap file if you wish!

– The newly added REWIND capability gives you the unprecedented ability (well, on an Apple II anyway) to replay drawings all the way from the beginning to where things might have gone terribly wrong and then cut the mistakes out in one large chunk

– The redraw subroutines in Magic-Pixels, the MP.READER subroutine that can be used to embed drawings in your own programs, and the included GULON game are now all in assembler and super-fast as well!

As with prior versions, Magic-Pixels works with a mouse (preferable) or a joystick, paddles, or Koala Pad.

Please give Magic-Pixels some love and try it today (it’s free, after all) at:

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