New Challenges For Apple II Software Enthusiasts

For those of you who use Facebook, the Apple II Software Enthusiasts group (known for its ongoing two-liner and other programming challenges plus software and programming discussions) is starting a new bi-weekly challenge:

“Starting tomorrow, we’re launching a new feature in the group where we’ll be posting a special challenge every couple of weeks to encourage our beloved Apple II community to turn on their machines and have some quick distractions and fun!

Some of these challenges may focus on trying out an Apple II game to see who can get a highest score within two weeks, while other challenges be tasks such as posting a photo of your of your most obscure original Apple II program disk, or even possibly trying to finish a task while running on an accelerator card — pretty much anything our crazy minds can come up with!

Winners will not only receive a megabyte of well-deserved bragging rights but also a special mini-prize, such as a custom apple holographic sticker and other fun items we’re having made specially for these challenges!

I hope all of you participate and find these new challenges interesting and fun!”

If you’d like to participate in the upcoming challenges or just want to talk about all things Apple II software (or programming) related, drop on by the group’s Facebook page today!

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