Applewin Apple II Emulator Updated

Tom Charlesworth has released a new edition of the Applewin Apple II Emulator for windows. Version 1.30.8 is the latest version and includes a lot of new debugger features and bug fixes.


  • [Bug #1023] WOZ support: Tweak to track sync support.
  • [Bug #1020] WOZ support: Significant bit-cells after a gap between latch access upped from 50 to 100.
    • Fixes: What’s My Logic, Forbidden Quest, The Isle of Mem.
  • [Bug #1018] Support AN3 for //e models.
  • [Bug #1015] Registry: fix support for legacy ‘Harddisk Enable’ key.
  • [PR #1028] Internal: Split 6522 out of MB code and into own class (bumps MB version in save-state).
  • [PR #1025] Load save-state for Cards: improve error messages. [audetto]
  • [PR #1014] Correct BMP creation. [audetto]
  • SSC: Fix for command line -dcd not being honoured. (Regression)
  • VidHD: Fix load save-state for II/II+ when VidHD’s SHR is being updated.
  • Debugger: see Debugger_Changelog.txt, but including:
    • Added: CD now detects “..” to change to the previous directory and chops the trailing sub-directory from the current path.
    • Changed: Disassembly window now lists symbol labels and symbol target address from User2 in orange.
    • Added: Branch instructions now show target address.
    • Added: Disassembly window now shows signed decimal values for immediate values.


You can download the latest version of the Applewin Apple II Emulator from the Github page at:

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