Wordle GS v.0.4 Now Available

For those of you who are fans of the New York Times owned game, Wordle, you can now use your Apple IIgs to play the game. Wordle GS v.0.4 follows the true constraints of the game but now allows users to share game codes to allow shared play of a set of words.

Wordle GS is coded by Dan Malec using Xcode on the Mac with the following Apple II GS libraries and utilities:

The program has been tested using both the GSplus Apple II GS Emulator from Daren Brock as well as on an Apple II GS Rom 03 machine.

Changes in v.0.4

  • Reworked word selection so that a game consists of all words in a random ordering (versus the earlier system of randomly picking a word from the list on each new word)
  • Allow players to enter a seed code for a game, this permits multiple players to play the same sequence of words by using the same seed code
  • Allow players to share their results for a given code + word without giving away the word
  • Internal changes – refactoring, unit testing, unit test coverage

Where to Download

Wordle GS as well as all source code for the program is available for free download from Github at:

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