Applesauce FDC Software Version 1.66 Released

The major feature of this release is the inclusion of a system to allow users to create their own disk format definitions to be used by Applesauce. There is now an Applesauce folder in your user’s Documents folder where files will be stored that can expand the features of the client program. Within the Formats folder, you will find two files: hardsector_config.json and ibmsector_config.json.

You can use these files to create new hard sector disk formats as well as formats that are variants of the standard IBM sector formats. There is a link to documentation for each located within the json files.

  • Fixed bug when exporting Apple II disk that had missing tracks. The exporter should have been providing a full empty track worth of data, but instead was not outputting any data for the track.
  • The behavior of the Fast Imager’s Autofill feature has been modified. The autofill will place the volume name into the Product Title field only if the user has not entered a title there already. If a title has been entered, then the autofill will populate the disk/side name instead.
  • Export of MOOF files would fail if the disk is single sided, but there is some other garbage data on the back of the disk.

You can download the latest version from

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