Realm – Rays Of Nightmare for the Apple II – Version 1.50 Released

Daniel F. Gordon has released an update to his adventure game “Realm – Rays of Nightmare”, bringing it up to version 1.5. While the gameplay in this version remains unchanged, the release adds a hard drive installer and better party import / export interface, making it easier for players to manage their characters.

Additionally, the update includes a WOZ file for more realistic floppy emulation, as well as a ProDOS Order (.po) disk image for those who prefer a faster logical volume. The deploy scripts have also been completely overhauled, improving the overall installation process.

“Realm” was originally written for the Apple II in the 1980s but was never officially released until 2021. It has since been made playable on vintage computers and emulators.

The game’s story follows Xavier Francis, the eighteenth Baron of Lemphocym, as he attempts to stop the former Archwizard Mordock from spreading nightmare across the Realms. Players navigate through cryptic Wornoth and unpeopled Fonkrakis, seeking out Xavier to make a last desperate attempt to end Mordock’s reign.

The project’s initial goal was to recover and preserve “Realm” as it was originally conceived, which was achieved with version 1.2. Later versions added features that were difficult to achieve in the retro-era, such as the recent addition of the hard drive installer and improved interface.

All versions of “Realm” remain playable on the original development platform – a 48K Apple II Plus with one or two 5.25″ floppy drives. Fans of retro gaming can now enjoy the latest updates to this classic adventure game.

For more information or to download the latest version of “Realm – Rays of Nightmare”, go to the “Realm” Github page at:

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