New Apple II Game – Million Perfect Tiles

A2_4am, best known for his hack related items and Total Replay, has announced the release of Million Perfect Tiles, an implementation of the classic logic puzzle game Takuzu, for the 8-bit Apple II computer. The game boasts over 3000 original puzzle boards in six different sizes for hours of engaging gameplay.

Million Perfect Tiles can be played on any Apple II computer with at least 64K of memory, and features optional support for Mockingboard for music and a mouse for input. Notably, the game is not copy-protected, allowing users to easily install and play the game on their machines. It has been tested on the Virtual Apple II emulator and works beautifully there as well.

Takuzu, also known as Binairo, is a popular logic puzzle game played on a grid where the objective is to fill in the correct number of ones and zeros while following specific rules. Million Perfect Tiles faithfully brings this classic game to the Apple II platform, providing a nostalgic gaming experience for retro enthusiasts.

The game can be downloaded for free from here, and the developer has also made the game’s source code available for those interested in exploring the game’s inner workings. Bug reports can be submitted through the Million Perfect Tiles Github page at:

Fans of Takuzu and retro gaming enthusiasts alike are sure to find Million Perfect Tiles a delightful addition to their game library.

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