Status Update for CFFA 3000 Run #5

Rich Dreher, owner of R&D Automation, LLC. and the producer of the CFFA card for the Apple II has posted an update on the status of Run # 5 of the CFFA 3000.   According to his website,

I see an update is long overdue… I am still waiting for one more part from supplier Arrow. It should be here soon. Most of the other parts and PCBs are already at the assembler in California. I sent a out CFFA3000 Run#5 status Update #2 email on Dec 18th, 2017. I am hoping to start pre-orders in late February, 2018. For expected pricing information please click at the FAQ link on the left.

For more information about pricing of the card or to get on the CFFA 3000 Run # 5 mailing list, go to the R&D Automation website at:

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