NEWPRINT Firmware Updated – v1.4.1 Released

Technology enthusiast and developer Kyle Wadsten has released a new version of his firmware for the NEWPRINT printer emulator card. The latest update, version 1.4.1 brings various new features, including a fix for IIGS users who were experiencing blank lines in their PrintShop output. This issue was caused by timing problems with older Grappler cards when running on an Apple IIGS.

Another new feature in the new firmware update is the addition of Classic AppleWorks formatted output, which includes a word processor, spreadsheet, and database. Users can now save their output as an RTF file. Additionally, the update introduces a few new color options, such as white on black and green on black.

Wadsten has also reported that the latest NEWPRINT firmware also works with the 8-bit Atari and Commodore machines, provided that users have a Supergraphix Centronics printer adapter. He is also intending on offering Centronics cables for purchase soon.

The updated firmware can be run without updating the device by using the “REMOTEHTML” option, as outlined in the NEWPRINT User’s Guide PDF. Wadsten’s website contains files and information about the update, and users can contact him at for additional support.

NEWPRINT is a hardware device designed to provide a seamless printing experience for vintage computing platforms. With this latest update of the firmware for the card, Wadsten continues to improve the functionality and compatibility of his product, making it an even more valuable tool for retro computing enthusiasts.

Users can purchase the latest version of the NEWPRINT card from Plaid Vest Software or download the latest version of the firmware from

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