Classic Mac Holy Bible in Filemaker

The Classic Mac Holy Bible (Filemaker) by Darrell Johnson is an application that provides a full-text searchable version of the Holy Bible for classic Macintosh computers. This application can run on Mac OS System 6 through Mac OS 9. It will run on a Mac Plus 68K all the way to the PowerMac G4. It even runs on Mac OS X with the Classic Environment.

Version 1.0.0 of The Classic Mac Holy Bible can operate as a stand-alone classic Mac application via the Runtime version, or users can access the full FileMaker 3 source database to make changes and improvements to the program.

This application is not only useful for accessing and reading the Bible, but it also provides a basic framework for creating a searchable classic Macintosh application for any other large document that is structured in a similar manner.

With this framework, users can create versions of the application for other language translations or editions of the Bible.

The Classic Mac Holy Bible is available for download on Macintosh Garden, a website dedicated to preserving vintage Macintosh software. The software requires System 6.0.8 or later, a Mac Plus or later, and 4MB of RAM. For 4MB Classic Macs, it is recommended to run System 6.0.8, disable multifinder, and run minimal extensions to free up as much memory as possible. The application needs 3MB of memory to run.

The project is particularly interesting because it allows users to use the full source FileMaker 3 database to make changes and improvements. This feature enables users to modify the software for personal use, create custom editions for personal or academic projects, or even distribute their own modified versions of the software.

Darrell Johnson’s Classic Mac Holy Bible is a fun personal piece of software for the Classic Mac Environment and is available complete with source code from the Classic Mac Holy Bible Github page at or on the Macintosh Garden at The Runtime version of the Mac Application is available at while the FileMaker 3 source database is available at

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