Black & Bleu Version 10 with License

In 2004, Bleu Rose, Ltd. released Black & Blue version 10, a product which was the combined work of three years of Gary Rice’s efforts. The software market was shrinking at the time and while the product was first class, many of the users were not.

The release of Black & Bleu™ v10 marks the end of our participation in the Macintosh software marketplace.

The shrinking number of Mac users, the increasing reluctance of those users left to actually pay for software products and the apparently significant number of thieves willing to steal rather than pay at all coupled with Apple’s seeming lack of concern about compatibility across its product versions and the alarming problem with its software quality (over 100,000 new bugs reported during the months of October & November, 2004 alone) has combined to render Mac OS software development unprofitable for us.

So with this final release of Black & Bleu™, we will be exiting from the Mac application marketplace and focusing our attention on other areas of endeavor.

Bleu Rose Public Notice on website in December 2004.

Now, Gary has made the product available to the public for free through the Macintosh Garden website, complete with a code for activation of the product. – gfKj-saVm-qJqP-bpgO-xLxU

What is Black & Bleu?

Black & Bleu is a Mac OS Error code analyzer which contains more than 8700 error codes for a variety of Apple computers and what they mean. This comprehensive error database application will allow the user or developer to understand exactly what the machine is having problems with and how to resolve the issue in short order.


  • 8,756 Mac OS error codes with Apple’s brief descriptions
  • All Sad Mac codes
  • Sad Mac sounds
  • All 30 PostScript errors
  • Errors by phrase (when no error number is offered)
  • Detailed explanations for over 1,100 of these errors
  • Mac OS X interpretation of “long” error codes
  • 279 error groups
  • Error codes can be listed by group, number, or name
  • Add your own notes to the error explanations
  • A full database search is available for words or phrases
  • Error codes can be displayed sorted numerically and alphabetically
  • Hexadecimal error codes
  • Sad Mac sounds for all Macs ever made
  • Reading Level and statistics for each explanation
  • Error names can be copied to the clipboard
  • Help is provided for finding missing shared libraries (Mac OS 9.2.2 or earlier)
  • Black & Bleu™ will run when the startup disk is a CDROM
  • Free analysis of errors that don’t have a detailed explanation
  • Simple to use interface
  • Two types of explanations can be selected:
    • User orientation
    • Developer orientation

System Requirements

  • Mac OS 7.0 through Mac OS 9.2.2, Mac OS X (v10.1.5 or later)
  • Color Monitor set to thousands of colors (minimum)
  • A screen size of 600 x 800 pixels (minimum)
  • Any Mac or clone
  • 10.0 MB of disk space, 4.0 of RAM
  • Should work in Mac Emulators


You can download the last available version of the Black & Bleu program from Macintosh Garden in an .hqx file at

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