Double Low-Resolution Graphics Mode for the Apple IIGS

A new graphics mode for the Apple IIgs has been developed by programmer Dagen Brock, called HDGR. This new mode uses two Double-Lores images to create images at 80×96 with 16 colors. While this is currently a proof-of-concept and only IIgs compatible code is included, it may be possible to make it portable to the 8-bit Apple II with 128k with more effort given to timing and synchronization code.

Although software-based mixed modes have been done for years, this is believed to be the first 80×96 graphics version. The developer notes that some emulators may not display the graphics correctly and suggests trying to switch the timing code by hitting the “S” key if it looks glitchy.

The HDGR source code and disk image are available on Github for those who are interested in experimenting with this new graphics mode. According to the developer, creating a fully functional and stable version for the Apple II could be a challenge, but the possibilities are exciting.

You can download the source code and the floppy disk for the new HDGR Graphics Mode is available from the Github page at:

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