Apple-Dayton User Group Library Updated

The Apple-Dayton User Group Disk of the Month Software Library, a valuable resource for Apple II enthusiasts, has recently received an update with the addition of a number of new disks. Thanks to the contributions from James Littlejohn and John Burchett, the library has expanded its collection of software.

The Apple-Dayton User Group Software Library is known for its comprehensive collection of Apple II software, providing users with a wide range of programs, utilities, games, and educational tools.

With the recent addition of new disks, courtesy of James Littlejohn and John Burchett, as well as the resources of Brian Wiser and Bill Martens, the library continues to grow and provide an even more extensive selection of software resources. While there are still a number of the disks from the library missing from the collection, it is nearing a more complete collection of materials. Additional materials are currently being prepared for the website by A.P.P.L.E. and will be added when available.

Apple II enthusiasts can visit the Apple-Dayton User Group Software Library page on the A.P.P.L.E. website to explore the new additions and discover a wealth of software resources. The library’s page is available at, and offers all of the software titles for free.

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