Virtual II Apple II Emulator Updated to Version 7.5.1


Gerard Putter has updated the Virtual II emulator for the Mac.  Version 7.5 has been released with Version 7.5.1 hot on its heels to fix an issue in the 7.5 release.

Included in the two releases are the following updates and fixes:


  • Support for two Mockingboard cards in one machine, in order to listen to max. 12 channels.
  • Corrected an issue with double low resolution colors.
  • Added an experimental feature: the super serial card emulation can now work with Unix named pipes (full license only).
  • Improved timing of video rendering; the Apple //e cursor now blinks with constant time intervals.
  • The RAMWorks card now has a maximum capacity of 16 MB (was 8 MB) (full license only).
  • Relaxed the requirements for a custom character set definition: the file can now be either tiff or png, 1-bit or 8-bit.
  • The Preferences window now shows the correct tab when opened.
  • Simultaneous disk drive and printer sound effects could cause a crash – this has been fixed.
  • The print preview now takes the scroll bar preferences into account.
  • Saving the machine state could potentially cause a crash – this has been solved.
  • Fixed an issue where “high speed mode” sometimes incorrectly dropped back to regular speed.
  • The Quicklook preview for saved state documents works again.
  • The preview of saved state documents can now show horizontal scan-lines.
  • Fixed a Yosemite compatibility issue in the disk transfer application (A2V2).


  • The right arrow key did not work correctly when used for game control. This has been fixed.

Virtual II is considered to be the finest of the Mac based Apple II emulators with features not found in other emulators including full Epson MX-80 Printer emulation which allows Print to PDF from within the emulated programs.  Virtual II is shareware with the full version of Virtual II selling for $49.95.

To download the latest version of the Virtual II Emualtor, go to the Virtual II website at:

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