Applewin Apple II Emulator Updated

The Applewin Apple II Emulator for Microsoft Windows has been updated. Applewin Apple II Emulator is a full featured emulator managed by Tom Charlesworth.

Applewin Version 1.30.7 includes a number of fixes and changes including the following items:

  • [Bug #997] Support VidHD card for IIgs Super Hi-Res (SHR) video modes, eg. for Total Replay box art.
    • Support VidHD in slot 3 (via Config GUI or ‘-s3 vidhd’).
    • Only partial VidHD support – ie. just for SHR video modes, but SHR is supported for all Apple II models.
    • NB. AppleWin’s window is slightly enlarged when VidHD card is inserted.
    • Command line: Allow user to specify width & height (for full-screen); and allow separate x,y scaling in full-screen mode.
      • eg. for 4:3 aspect ratio on monitors that support it: -no-full-screen -fs-width=1600 -fs-height=1200
    • Debugger: add ‘shr’ command to view video.
  • [Change #1007] HDD: Fail if r/w access touches $Cnnn I/O space
    • Debugger: On a HDD r/w failure, execution will break, and the debugger will show a stop reason message.
    • Also fix HDD write wrapping at 64KiB boundary.
  • [Change #996] Adapt HDD firmware to be slot-independent.
    • Internal only, since currently no support to specify HDD Controller card in another slot.
  • Debugger: Add ‘brk all <on|off>’ command to break on any BRK or invalid opcode.

You can download the latest release of the Applewin emulator for free from the Github page at:

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