Infocom Adventures Native on the Apple III

Steve Nickolas has released a zip of modified Infocom adventure disks that allow them to run on the Apple III

One of the problems over the years has been getting original Apple II games on the Apple III computer.  While the traditional startup disk and then swap floppy method has been the preferred manner for many years, the Infocom games were always a bit problematic for the machines.

Steve Nickolas has resolved this issue and has released a zip of a collection of modified Infocom adventure disks that allow them to run on the Apple III computer. According to the posting in CSA2:

The first 3 tracks of each of these disk images contain a patched version 
of Infocom’s Z3 interpreter M. I only did very basic testing with it, but 
that testing appears to work (in emulation, at least). 

On any model of Apple ][, it should work exactly as before. 

On an Apple ///, an unused track was used to store some additional 
runtimes. The boot sector is altered accordingly and will boot on both 
systems. It runs in the 40-column mode with lowercase enabled (a 
compromise that I did because 80-column mode would have required me to 
completely reverse-engineer the interpreter to move it out of the 
0800-0BFF memory space as well as more serious alterations to the terminal 

Only some bare-minimum patching is applied to the interpreter, which runs 
more or less exactly the same as it would on the ][. Oh, and I made it 
report “Apple III Version M” instead of “Apple II Version M” when run on a 

The free space came from the fact that the M interpreter does not use 
track $02, so that’s where I put all my “new” code. (A lot of it is just 
ripped out of the Apple ][ ROM.) 


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You can download the entire library at:

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