Apple II Desktop V.1.2 Alpha 44 Released

The latest version of the Apple II Desktop project has been released. Apple II Desktop is a graphical interface for the Apple II series computers.

Joshua Bell has pushed out Apple II Desktop Version 1.2 Alpha 44 and included in this release are the following changes:


  • Handle mirrored SmartPort drives (ProDOS 2.4 only). #685
  • Alerts: Use different bitmaps when there are (?) or are not (!) multiple buttons.
  • File Pickers:
    • Fix path shown when folder is opened. #682
    • Don’t prefix disk name with ‘/’.
    • Don’t flash border when refreshing text edit box.
    • Various layout improvements
    • Prevent text overflowing text edit controls with long paths.
    • Change Drive, Open and Close buttons are now dimmed when disabled.
  • List Box Controls
    • Standardize keyboard controls. #691, etc.
      • Up/Down – if selectable, move selection up/down; otherwise scroll by one line.
      • Apple+Up/Down – page up/down.
      • OA+SA+Up/Down – if selectable, select first/last; otherwise, scroll to top/bottom.
    • Standardize item height across implementations.
  • Text Edit Controls:
    • Control+F deletes the character to the right of insertion point.
    • Clicking to place insertion point is more accurate.


  • Update icon shown for system and archive files when renamed. #574
  • AppleWorks filename case is updated when renaming and duplicating. #352
  • Don’t treat SmartPort 5.25 drives as removable.
  • Don’t animate window opening with bogus source.
  • Fix handling a rename of the system prefix.
  • Don’t try to send Eject command to Floppy Emu. #686
  • Fix repainting of overlapping icons after dragging. #687
  • Fix File > Select All for volume icons.
  • Prevent File > Copy a File from producing bogus dst path if src invalid.
  • Prevent deleting shortcuts from corrupting file.
  • Prevent graphical artifacts at the bottom of the screen during startup.
  • Improve appearance of Format/Erase volume selection dialog.
  • Treat files with “.A2FC” suffix as images.


  • Reduce size of File > Run a Program… dialog.
  • Fix double-clicking of items in File > Run a Program… dialog.

Disk Copy

  • Don’t clip disk names in list box control. #698

Desk Accessories

  • Find Files: Don’t flash border when refreshing text edit box.
  • Show Text File: Improve keyboard controls and scrollbar display. #422
  • Calc & SciCalc: Support Clear key on IIgs, Return as Equals. #701


You can download the latest release of the Apple II Desktop from the Github page at:

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