Easily download from comp.binaries.apple2

The Usenet newsgroup comp.binaries.apple2 contains about 2-3 thousand Apple II programs, but they’re tricky to download to an emulator or a real Apple II, owing to the fact that they’re all encoded with ASCII armor.

Well thanks to Format Converter, technology that will decode all the Apple II and Macintosh file formats, these files from comp.binaries.apple2 can be easily downloaded to your computer as a ShrinkIt file. BinSCII files will be decoded (usually to ShrinkIt archives) and so will Executioner format.

The ONLY limitation so far is that multi-part archives are not joined. I will have this last bit going ASAP. Something else I found wrong, but that is beyond my control, is that some of the ShrinkIt files have a bad CRC. They will probably still extract OK if you’ve got a program that will ignore a mismatched CRC.

Here is an example file, Anix2.2. Click the bold Download Binary link.

This should also work when using a web browser on the 8-bit Apple such as Contiki, or the Spectrum browser for IIgs. Let me know how it works.

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