Chewbagger Byte Editor and SNAP NNTP Client Updates Released

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Ewen Wannop has released two software updates this week.  The first is to his Apple IIgs Byte Editor, Chewbagger.   The second update is to his NNTP client, SNAP.   According to the press release in CSA2, “

Version 1.1.5 of ChewBagger and 1.1.5 of SNAP are now available from my website:

This is an update of ChewBagger, and amongst many small bug fixes and  cosmetic changes, has two new features:

  • Optionally display the ASCII field with the high bits cleared.
  • Compare two files for differences.
  • The files are displayed in a ‘split’  window, and on opening, the first difference is found and selected. 
  • You can then work through the two files, finding further differences,  and setting an ‘offset’ between the displays if necessary..

Please read the Manual and ‘Changes’ files for more details on how these  new features work.

ChewBagger is a stand alone IIgs application for editing files at byte  level, working with both data and resource forks.

  • Find and Replace either Hex or ASCII data. Compare two files, and find
  • and replace data as required.
  • View and disassemble the relocated segments of an OMF file.
  • Load a P8 application at an optional address for disassembly.
  • Examine a range of IIgs memory and optionally disassemble.
  • Disassembles both 6502 and 65816 code, with optional tool call labels.
  • Dump to file or printer, either the hex and ASCII fields, or the disassembled code.


This is a minor update of SNAP, mainly to fix bugs, but with one major addition, in that you can now optionally choose to read New messages  first.

Please read the Manual and ‘Change.List’ files for more details.


  • SNAP is an online NNTP News Client for the IIgs
  • SNAP accesses Usenet and NNTP news servers, right from your IIgs desktop.
  • SNAP gives you multiple server configurations, with custom Group lists,  allowing you to easily tailor your daily news fix.
  • SNAP lets you Post messages, or Followup existing messages.
  • SNAP will optionally Forward or Reply to a message through a normal SMTP  mail account.
  • SNAP is ideal for accessing the A2Central, or CSA2 news Forums.
  • SNAP requires a IIgs running Marinetti 3.0b3 or later.
  • SNAP works best with a direct connection to the Net, such as that from an Ethernet card.



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