New Bitstream For SHR Graphics on the Carte Blanche Released


A note from “Charlie” in the CSA2 Usenet group has announced the arrival of Super Hi-Res Graphics capability for the Carte Blanche card in Apple //e emulation mode.  According to the posting, ”

I have made a Carte Blanche bitstream that allows an Apple //e to have SHR graphics.  Most of the JAT stuff has been removed so it is mostly a VGA video card for the //e.  The SHR works pretty much as it does on an Apple IIgs, so you can write 8-bit programs that work in either.   I have included a demo viewer to display some included SHR pictures.

The bitstream also has the ability to save a few settings (similar to the IIgs battery RAM). A program is included to allow saving the settings.

There is also an Applesoft flashing program so that you can flash the bitstream to the Carte Blanche onboard flash memory chip from an Apple //e drive.

You can find more information about the bitstrem and the related downloads on Charlie’s website at:

The Carte Blanche card is a reconfigurable FPGA Apple II card produced by AppleLogic.  More information about the card can be found on the AppleLogic website at:

Charlie has also posted information about the Carte Blance card and his other Apple II projects on his website at:

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