DOS 3.3 Directory List Builders DIR33 and LS33 Announced

The curator of the Aztec C Museum, Bill Buckels, has announce the immediate availability of two new directory builders for Dos 3.3.  The new Directory Builders Dir33 and LS33 are available from the Aztec C Museum as a free download.  Complete source code and documentation is included as part of the download.

According to the note on CSA2 posted by Bill, “ The Aztec C65 DIR33 Project for Apple II DOS 3.3 – RWTS revealed with structures and everything…

Download it here:

Well I have run out of time so no more pdf’s tonight.

This project is documented in the source code comments. The 3 disk images LS33.DSK, DIR33.DSK, and CHTYPE.DSK are configured to display their respective sources when you run them.

So go ahead and run them…

What you have here is a complete Apple II DOS 3.3 native mode compiler environment for building programs for both native mode DOS 3.3 and the Aztec C65 DOS 3.3 Shell.

3 – programs are included for you to run and build if you wish:

LS33 –   A command line directory list builder and shell script writer for the Aztec C DOS 3.3 Shell. This one is really cool… it even reads a scoped list of files from the catalog then plugs them into functional DOS 3.3 shell script formats… you can redirect them to disk and run slideshows and stuff, or do some real work if there’s any left to do on the Apple II in DOS 3.3.
DIR33 –  A directory list builder for “RAW” DOS 3.3  If you don’t want to muck with a command line this is the rugged equivalent of LS33 and will follow you anywhere that a VTOC lives…
CHTYPE – A command line utility for changing DOS 3.3 filetypes. This is the source code and everything, and as a special bonus, I thrwe in a generic buildscript that will build up to 10 shell utilities for DOS 3.3 at once!

Now some additonal information on RWTS (Read Write Track Sector) routines in Aztec C65.

You may have noticed that one of the utilities in the RAT (called DLIST) creates directory lists from the DOS 3.3 catalog command by scraping the
screen. At that particular point in time I had failed miserably to master rwts() in Aztec C65 and in desperation I decided to scrape the Apple II’s
screen to build a file list to preserve what was left of my dignity.

But much has changed since then and as I get closer to putting the pieces of this strange collection of DOS 3.3 compilers together, my dignity has vanished completely…

The utilities that you have here while not of exceptional quality,  are certainly fun to play with, both in the Aztec C DOS 3.3 Shell and in “RAW” DOS 3.3… and although you see me using rwts everywhere these days (in the RAT and the RD hex viewer etc) the 3 programs you have here were the ones I cut my rwts on… this has been going on even longer than I want to think about… ok I’ll come clean. I quit programming Apple II code for a couple of years because I got so frustrated with rwts. Then I dilly-dallyed in ProDOS while I avoided the awful truth!

Honestly… so now I am going to grab a guiness and breath a sigh of relief because I got this out there before my commercial fishing season starts…barely!
But wait! There’s More!!!
Download them now and you will get absolutely free yet even more documentation in that bleary eyed now-familiar burned-out after coding and can barely see format that I have come to know and love:


In case you can’t guess from the name what it’s about here’s a link to a sneak preview:

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