KEGS Apple II GS Emulator Updated

From Kent Dickey, curator of the KEGS Apple IIgs Emulator has announced an update for Mac OS and Linux. KEGS v1.16 has been released with the following changes:

– Better cursor focus tracking, less likely to have an invisible cursor
        when KEGS is no longer the active window.
– F5 now toggles the status display at the bottom on/off.  This state can
        be saved in config.kegs.
– Added Dynapro image support–mount a host directory as a ProDOS image of
        up to 32MB, to allow easy moving of files to/from emulation.
        See README.dynapro.txt.
– Add limited Video Overlay Card (VOC) support to add new SHR mode of 640×400
– You can “D”uplicate any disk image to a new file, and “V”erify any ProDOS

You can download KEGS 1.16 from the KEGS Sourceforge page at:

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