Apple II Desktop Updated

The Apple II Desktop Project has been updated. Version 1.2 alpha 41 has been released with a complete separation of individual language version floppy sets. These languages include English, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese.

Some of the changes and fixes included in this update are:

Consistently clear text screen when exiting apps. #621
File Pickers:Enable Apple+letter selection for lowercase filenames. #615
Allow type-down selection when holding Apple key. #610
Don’t require exact match for Apple+letter selection. #609
Allow Shift to reverse device order, when detectable. #605
Make scrollbar position correctly proportional. #607
MouseKeys mode activation/deactivation changed. #185Enter mode by holding down OA and SA, then press Space. A sound will play.
Use arrow keys to move, and SA as the mouse button.
Exit mode by pressing Escape. A sound will play.
Y-clamping fixed while in MouseKeys mode.
Show correct path when editing a volume shortcut. #614
Make check for moving/copying a folder into itself case sensitive. #619
Fix truncating new volume name at IP when formatting/erasing a disk. #616
Don’t dismiss File > Duplicate dialog on unchanged name. #617
Fix clearing DHR screen to black on launch.
Show better error when copying a file onto itself. #630
Show better error when failing to copy or delete a non-ProDOS 8 file (e.g. GS/OS forked). #631
Add OA+SA+O as shortcut for open-then-close-parent. #625
Add OA+SA+W as shortcut for close all. #626
Show error when trying to replace an item with itself or an item it contains. #634#635#636.
Show error during enumeration if an invalid target is found. #629
Clear DHR screen to black before showing to avoid garbage.
Desk Accessories
Control Panel: Fix cursor flash when changing tracking speed. #612
Control Panel: Allow clicking on text labels for radio/checkboxes. #620
Changes to the program from the A2D Project Website

About Apple II DeskTop

(from the A2Desktop Readme.MD file)

A2DeskTop-1.2-…_800k.2mg and .hdv files are 800k floppy disk images containing the full Apple II Desktop application and related accessories. The .2mg file can be transferred to a 3.5″ floppy using ADTPro. The .hdv file has the same contents, just a slightly different file format which other tools/emulators/solid state drives prefer.

A2DeskTop-1.2-…_140k_disk1.po and A2DeskTop-1.2-…_140k_disk2.po are 140k images containing different parts of the application, and can be transferred to 5.25″ floppies using ADTPro.


This is a ProDOS 8 application. It works best on a mass storage device, or at least an 800k floppy. Running from a 140k floppy is possible (without desk accessories) but is not recommended.

An Apple II DeskTop installation has the following structure on a mass storage device:

  • A2.DESKTOP/ – any name is allowed, can be in any subdirectory
  • DESKTOP.SYSTEM – run this to launch DeskTop
  • DESKTOP2 – application file
  • DESK.ACC/ – contains Desk Accessories (DAs)
  • PREVIEW/ – contains file preview handlers (special type of DAs)

A simplified program selector can be launched instead by moving the SELECTOR file from the OPTIONAL/ directory into the same directory as DESKTOP.SYSTEM.

Downloads and Documentation

All of the documentation is available from the Apple II Desktop website at:
Source code for the entire project can be found at:
You can download the latest version of the project for your preferred language at:

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