Brutal Deluxe Software Updates Apple II Cassette Collection


Brutal Deluxe has announced the addition of a number of new cassettes to the Apple ][ Cassette Collection.  Their press release on CSA2 states that “Thanks to Ron Graff, former publisher of Magnemedia and Innovative Computer computers, please find new complete titles at  Ron kindly accepted to send his applications to me which I have digitized and scanned.  Magnemedia now contains the five different eduware programs, probably among the first eduware titles for the Apple II. The Innovative Computer section has been updated to reflect the ownership between that company and Magnemedia. That has made the total number of titles drop to less than 600. ”

They have also updated their Ciderpress library and are preparing for another major update within the next month.  For more information or to download the library, go to the Brutal Deluxe Cassette Collection website at:

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