Peersoft Version 1.5.5 Applesoft Extension Released


Benoit Gilon has announced the immediate release of the Peersoft Applesoft Extensions version 1.5.5.  Shown extensively at the recent Apple II Festival France, this extension package allows for user defined functions to be added to Applesoft through both machine language and Applesoft.

 What’s new?

  • Ability to define up to 10 user defined functions. Such functions could handle up to 2 input arguments instead of just one.
  • Sample functions provided, GCD, LCM, Factorial, Binary operations on 16bits integers, MAX and MIN of 2 FP values (see the TCUSRFNDEMO.S source code module for details).
  • Ability to define body of some functions in Applesoft BASIC instead of just  ML (this was from a hack I found some months ago and called “Procedural functions”).
  • Documentation updated in English (from a spanish cow ;-), and in French (fro the 1st time)  to match current release’sfeatures.

A note to people having attended the Apple French Fest and interested in  such tool, you have to download the current package too as the version delivered there was not complete (particularly according to the procedural functions handling).

You can download Peersoft from the following URL:

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