Brutal Deluxe Takes Page Of Apple’s Playbook For Latest Release


Brutal Deluxe, the French software company known for bringing a host of super enhanced Apple IIgs products to market over the years, has been taking a page from Apple, Inc.’s playbook during their latest product release.

Over the past week, Brutal Deluxe Software has released a series of clipped photos including the one from yesterday seen above.  Each photo has shown a bit more of the product cover image but yet no one apparently has figured out what the product will be.

Speculation has been rife among the Apple ][ community with people guessing everything from machine accelerators to well known software packages including Sim City for the Apple IIgs among the guesses.

With the release expected late evening Paris time, Brutal Deluxe programmer, Antoine Vignau has said “Be Patient.  It is a long day!“.  We soon will know what this latest big time release is from the same company that brough us LemmingsGS, Deluxeware, MountIt among others.

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