Mini VMac on the Android Wear

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While we normally do not talk about devices that are not Apple produced, this story of emulation caught our eye.  Corbin Davenport has managed to get the Open Mini VMac III emulator to run on his Android Wear.  While the sight of the old school Mac OS System 6.0.3 booting on an android device might be almost sacrilegious to the true Apple Fan, it is still pretty cool.  However, at the same time, Corbin seems to be a bit finger tied due to the size of the screen vs the size of his fingers.

He states in the video that the device is a bit difficult to use due to this issue and we can sympathize with him on this level, being as we face very similar issues here in house..

The video is still worth the look and to this author, it is nearly the coolest thing since sliced bread.  But dont let me tell you, check it out for yourself below:

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