Virtual II Apple II Emulator Updated

Gerard Putter has released the latest version of the Virtual II Apple II Emulator for Mac OS. The latest version, 10.6.5, includes some cool upgrades for the free version of the program as well as for the base emulator.

What’s new in version 10.6.5

  • Twenty years ago I started the Virtual ][ project! Because of this anniversary, I include a free upgrade for all users with a limited license; from now on this license includes the full matrix printer emulation.
  • If an error occurred when sending bytes on a serial connection, a generic error message was shown, with insufficient information. This has been solved.
  • Corrected the timing of instructions that are unsupported by the 65C02 processor. This should (slightly) improve general compatibility.

Where to get Virtual II

The Virtual II Apple II Emulator is a shareware product and is available for download from the Virtual II website at:

The update for those users who already have installed the application is available for free. If you wish to purchase a license for Virtual II, they are available through the official Virtual II website.

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