Virtual II Emulator for Mac OS Updated

The Virtual II Apple II Emulator for Mac OS has been updated. The latest version of Virtual II, version 11.3,  requires a Mac with macOS 10.13 (“High Sierra”) or better and includes a slew of fixes and support for Joysticks and the Apple //c. Some of these changes include the following items:

  • Improved support for game devices, such as the PS5 and Xbox controllers. This improvement is available on macOS 11 (Big Sur) or later.
  • Solved an issue that could disable the emulated speaker sound after resetting a virtual machine.
  • Fixed an error in Apple //c memory management, improving general compatibility.
  • The option to use the Mac backspace key as the virtual machine’s “left-arrow” is now part of the Quick settings menu, and thereby available for the Apple //c.
  • It is now possible to select a custom ROM image for the Apple //c. Note this is an advanced feature, intended for testing and debugging ROM code.

Virtual II is a full featured shareware emulator for MAC OS and has a long development history. You can download the latest version of the Virtual II emulator or purchase a license for the full version of the app from the Virtual II Emulator website at:

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