ADTPro 1.2.1 Released

David Schmidt has released an update to the ADTPro disk imaging package.  ADTPro allows users to convert Apple ][ and Apple /// disks to digital images for use with emulators.  According to the press release on CSA2, “This release has a couple of snazzy things that folks won’t need to see very often:

The bare-metal bootstrapper works in about 1/3 the time it did before.  It now shifts the serial hardware into high gear to transmit the bulk of  the code in binary rather than via text on the screen.  Much the same way as Blurry’s Apple Game Server.

There’s a video of Speediboot(tm) in action here:

The OSX version of the sever has an “installer” whereby the user drags the ADTPro folder to the Applications folder.  Much the same way as lots of OSX installers, like Mozilla.

1.2.1 – April 12, 2012

New functionality:

* Serial now bootstraps from bare metal in 1/3 the time it used    to take with Speediboot(tm) technology

* [Server] Mac OSX has a prettier “installer” via the DMG – just   drag/drop the ADTPro folder to Applications

Bug fixes:

* [Server] Improve serial error recovery for two different   scenarios: 1, by waiting (much) longer before timing out to  allow for problemtatic/errorful block reads, and 2, flushing
   the serial port after things like checksum errors

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