Applewin Emulator Updated

The Applewin Apple II emulator has been updated. Applewin version was released with a bevy of updates and fixes including:

  • [Change #678] Hotkeys to change emulation speed:
  • [Change #671] Register .woz extension with AppleWin. Updated AppleWin.chm & DELREG.INF.
  • [Bug #685] Fixed support for French Touch’s “CHIP” demo (Mockingboard / multi-TIMER interrupt support).
  • [Bug #677] Loading a save-state wasn’t restoring the pending IRQ.
  • [Bug #672] For WOZ images: all even disk I/O read accesses will now read the data latch.
  • [Bug #650] NTSC TV (Color and B&W): image was half an Apple II scanline vertically shifted down.
  • [PR #674] Prevent uninitialized value bugs and improve string safety.

You can download the latest version of the Applewin Emulator from the Github page for Applewin at:

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