Darkstar Unhinged for the Apple II Announced

Packard has announced the immediate availability of his new game for the Apple II computer, Darkstar Unhinged. According to the press release,

You’re Deuce Darkstar, and you’ve saved the universe time and time again from alien invaders set to wipe out all the cute alien races who have pleaded for your help.
They cheered you to victory, and stiffed you on your bill. Again and again. No more. You’re done. Let them burn…better yet, MAKE THEM BURN.
You are Deuce Darkstar, Destroyer of Worlds. Storm the gates. Begin your onslaught. Take no prisoners.
Destroy everything in this Cute ‘Em Up for the Apple II family of computers. Order Darkstar Unhinged on 5.25″ floppy disk for the Apple II, IIplus, //e, //c, IIGS, and Apple /// in compatibility mode. 48k ram required. All Assembly Language. order today at BeRighteous.com. $20+$3 shipping. Autographed by the author. Packaged in a retro ziplock bag with instruction card.

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