iMame on the iPad 2 and the loading of more ROMs

For those iPhone and iPad users lucky enough to have downloaded iMame prior to its being pulled on the 23rd of December, 2011, there is a nifty new instruction set available on the Internet for adding more ROMs.  iMame came with 10 ROMs but none of them were particulaly exciting from the aspect of the average gamer.

The one thing that was exciting was the fact that MAME had made it into the Apple App store.  This has been rectified by Apple now, but this left many of us exploring the possibilities of adding our own ROMs to it.  To add the ROMs to the game, use a program like Phone View or iExplorer and find the /Apps/iMame/Documents Directory.  Copy you ROMs from your hard drive to the iPhone or iPad /Apps/iMame/Documents directory and then Eject the iPhone or iPad.

Go to the iPad or iPhone and start the iMame App, select OPTIONS, scroll down to the bottom and select Re-Scan all ROMs.  At this point, just go back to the main menu screen of iMame and the ROM’s have copied should appear in the selection menu of the program.

You can check out the post copy function of this with the video below:

iMame2 in Play

If you are not quite sure about this tip, you can check out

Loading the iMame ROMS

The instructions are for the non-Jail Broken iPad and iPhone.


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