MacWorld Expo 2010 Through Photos

By A.P.P.L.E. Staff

Photos By Jim Gottlieb

One again, the even aptly named MacWorld Exposition has come and gone.   While the naysayers were saying that the event would die without the main players there, the event did go on.  Apple, Inc. of course pulled out over a year ago, prior to the last version of the event.  But Alas, the show must go on and go on it did.

What you saw this year was that instead of many big companies such as Adobe, Microsoft, Apple and the such, you saw smaller vendors who usually were not even heard from during these events.  While Apple’s lack of participation was supposed to kill the show all together, instead what it did was to create an environment in which the mom and pop shop type companies could thrive.

While no one knows whether this will keep up in future years, everyone can at least celebrate the fact that this year was the small company scene.

And thus, once again, we present to you the MacWorld Exposition in Photos, courtesy of Jim Gottlieb.

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