WOzFest 18 Announcement

From the europlus zone blog:

I’m very happy to announce the date for the next WOzFest: WOzFest 18 will be held on Saturday 20 March 2021, starting at midday Sydney time (UTC+11:00).

The theme for WOzFest 18 is “Community Service” – I’m asking attendees to bring something to upload to the Internet, to update an online resource, to do some Applesauce imaging on the night, to do some scanning, to interview a luminary via Skype…anything which contributes back to the retrocomputing community (it doesn’t even have to be Apple ][-related!). These services would need to be performed during WOzFest 18.

Many WOzFest attendees already do these things, both outside of and during WOzFests – I just think it would be nice to have that as a theme of a specific WOzFest, and that everyone find some way to participate.

Further details on the announcement post, and updates will be posted under the europlus zone’s WOzFest tag.

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Sean “europlus” McNamara is an Apple ][ enthusiast in Sydney, Australia. Several times a year he hosts a one-day gathering of Apple ][ enthusiasts called WOzFest, the first of which was held in early 2015.