Lexington Infosystems Announces Ramworks Piggyback Card

Lexington Infosystems, owned and operated by Renee Harke, has introduced a piggyback card for the Apple II Ramworks cards that allow users to utilize the modern Apple II memory cards with the piggyback and RGB cards. This card allows users to not only use the cards but also to reduce the amount of heat produced by the cards as well as to reduce the power requirements, thus also expanding the lifespan of both the machine and the cards.

The cards come in three colors: Standard green, red, blue. (Red and Blue versions are an additional $5). Cards with an USB-A Connector or the 2 pin header for 5 volt power to devices are additional cost.

Card Compatibility


  • Apple IIe
  • In an NTSC IIe, the card may interfere mechanically with long cards in slot 1, though it should generally be fine.
  • In a PAL IIe, the card will likely block slots 2 through 4.

RAM card

  • Must be no more than 2 inches tall.
  • Garrett’s Workshop GW4203B card is suggested.
  • Must not use pin 47/H0 (I know of no cards that do).
  • Cards wider than the slot may interfere mechanically with the USB option.

RGB piggyback

  • Tested with Applied Engineering Digital Prism.
  • Also expected to work with Applied Engineering RGB Card and Color Link.
  • Tested with a2heaven VGA Extender.

For more information or to purchase the cards check out the Lexington Infosystems sales page at:

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