New Apple II Demo — Island Adventure

Vince Weaver (AKA Deater78) has released a new Apple II demo. The demonstration titled Island Adventure fits in a whopping 32K of memory and has been put forth as his entry into the Outline 2021 event. The demo finished in 2nd place which according to Vince, “was a shock as it is rare for Apple II demos to place very high in a combined demo entry, especially when competing against DOS or Amiga entries”.

Outline 2021 is the longest running Demoscene event. in Holland and is currently in the last day of the event. This years event began on May 13th and is the second year the event has been held completely online. For more information about Outline 2021, go to their website at

In the meantime, feel free to enjoy Vince’s new demo:

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Vince’s Demo’s are available and freely downloadable at:

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