wDrive Floppy Disk Emulator Now Available

kboohk, the producer of the wDrive Floppy Disk Emulator, has announced the immediate availability of the wDrive.   The wDrive comes in two flavors.  White and Transparent.   The units are currently selling for $69 USD on the kboohk website and apparently is shipping immediately.

Features of the wDrive are:
* Supports 5.25 disk image in nib, edf and woz format.
* Supports disk read/write(for game save,disk copy).
* Transfer floppy disk to .WOZ through disk copy.
* Support Fat/Fat32 file system.
* Dimensions 70mm x 40mm x 20mm
* More functions can be updated by firmware in the future.
* Include 20-pin Flat Ribbon Cable.
* Include 3D Printed CASE.

* The maximum number of files in each folder is limited to 100
* The maximum number of levels of the sub folders is limited to 10
* The wDrive does not support quarter tracks at this time

You can order yours today from:

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