Update on Run #5 of the CFFA 3000 Project

Rich Dreher, owner and operator of R&D Automation LLC, has posted an update on the next run (RUN 5) of the CFFA 3000 project. According to the R&D Automation website,

Finally the remainder of the parts are on their way, via FedEx, to the assember. They will conduct an inventory count, and if the part counts are correct begin assembly of Run#5! This process will take about 4 weeks + a week to ship the boards back to me, if all goes well.

The CFFA 3000 is a state of the art card for the Apple II allowing mas storage to Compact Flash cards and USB drives as well as floppy emulation.

To keep up with the project or to sign up for their next run of Cards, check out the R&D Automation website at:

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