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Have you ever wondered what the meaning of that long serial number on your Apple II gs meant? Well now, thanks to Apple II gs enthusiast Jeffery Yeary, you can know instantly what it means by entering your serial number at the Apple II gs Decoder website.

The sample serial number from above, which is from one of the cases we have here at A.P.P.L.E., produced the following results:

The Apple II gs Decoder site literally can tell you everything about your Apple II gs and in the case of registered machines, tell you who the previous owner was and where it was made.  During the production run of the Apple II and Apple IIgs, Apple produced machines in a number of countries as their popularity went up.

This site actually goes hand in hand another effort to track the Apple II gs computer, with Brutal Deluxe Software’s attempt at calculating how many Apple IIgs machines were produced by Apple Computer, Inc. over the years. Antoine Vignau put together one of the most complete databases of serial numbers and used those to guesstimate that there were well over 2.6 million machines produced.

Apple IIgs production figures! Current counts are 2,617,184 based on the computer s/n or 931,816 based on the keyboard s/n.

While these numbers are quite impressive and Brutal Deluxe has collected many serial numbers to get to that figure, according to the Brutal Deluxe Software website, they are still collecting serial numbers:

Help us in finding how many Apple IIgs were produced by sending the serial number of your units and keyboards. The s/n can be found on the bottom side of the items. Send it to

Once you have located the serial number on your Apple II gs (usually on the bottom of the machine), you can try out the new Apple II gs Decoder for your own machines at:

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